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Welcome to Timber Tales , a blog from Silkwood Furniture located in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges, Victoria.
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Please enjoy the warmth of the timber and the detail of our creations.
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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Spring time Creations

 One of our very special commissions for an important client in Thornbury. We are currently finishing off is this amazing 6.4 metre long sideboard. It will pass along a side wall travelling between a dining room and a lounge room, through a purposely created window in the dividing walls. 

The length of the unit will connect the 2 rooms and the proportions create the effect of it been a large timber beam laying on its side.

The beautiful timber is recycled Oak previously used for wine barrels, this timber has so many different grain effects and variation in tone, I just love it.

The unit is also a practical place for storage with 6 x wide drawers along its length. 
Some final sanding, a few coats of oil to bring out the grain and this unit will be ready to be installed into the space it has been designed for.

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